Update 3 on the Paycheck Protection Program, Forgiveness Process

May 26, 2020

On May 15th, the SBA released the application that is to be used for the PPP Forgiveness Process (here). Earlier this month, the Bank partnered with a company to help streamline the forgiveness process that will be rolled out later in the week. Customers will receive a link from the Bank with instruction on how to access the Forgiveness Portal. Once active, you will fill out the application online and upload the necessary documents required for approval. Once approved, the Bank will send you an electronic version of the application, with your information prefilled, for you to initial and sign. As always, we will be available to help with any questions related to the application process or the forgiveness itself and have provided the latest information from the Treasury and SBA here.

Please reach out to your Commercial Banker, Branch Manager, or call our call center at 1-800-650-8723 if you have any questions.


PPP Forgiveness Loan Application

Interim Final Rule 3 Loan Forgiveness

BoCC - What We Know (Updated 5-11-20)

SBA PPP Program Interim Final 1

SBA PPP Program Interim Final 2


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