e-Statement Terms and Conditions


Agreement effective January 2023 

Experience the convenience of viewing periodic monthly account statements online using Bank of Clarke’s online banking service.


Account” means a deposit, loan, or other account at Bank of Clarke which you have enrolled in the e-Statement service. Not all account types can enroll in this service.

Online Banking” means the personal or business internet banking service in which your Bank of Clarke Account is already enrolled in.

e-Statement” means an electronic version of the paper periodic statement of debits, credits, and balances that Bank of Clarke would otherwise mail to you for an account that is not enrolled in the e-Statement service.

E-Statement” also includes notices, disclosures and other information that would be printed on the back of the statement paper.

We,” “us” and “our” refers to Bank of Clarke.

You” and “Your” refers to the account holder and/or joint account holder of Bank of Clarke who enrolled the Account in a service.

-Your Consent: By accepting the terms and conditions of Bank of Clarke’s electronic statement agreement, you consent and agree that we may provide certain disclosures and notices to you in an electronic form. You may enroll for e-Statements as part of the online banking enrollment process, or you can enroll at any time by accessing the “Profile” page within the online banking service. You can choose to receive e-Statements for all your online accounts or just one.

-Enrolling for e-Statements: By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to have us send monthly electronic notices, that your statement is available to the email address you provided during the enrollment process. Monthly statements can be viewed through our website using your log in credentials. By using this service, you are bound to all the rules and regulations applicable to your Account. You agree to periodically check your e-Statements and within 60 days report any errors to us. 

-Our Process: We will send an alert to the email address you provided when your statement is available for viewing online. You can change the email address for the e-statement alert at any time by accessing the “Profile” page within the online banking service. 

Security: Your User ID and password that are used to access online banking services should be kept confidential. To protect the security of your online banking information you must not disclose or share your password with any third party. You are responsible for keeping your password, account numbers, and other account data confidential.


Retention Period: E-Statements are available online for 5 years. Check images can be accessed online for 18 months. You may download or print.

e-Statements and/ or check images for permanent retention if you have the hardware and software described below. We strongly recommend that you save copies of your e-statements to your hard drive or other media for viewing and printing if needed later. If you need help printing or if you need a paper copy, contact us at (800)-650-8723. Additional fees may apply to receive a printed statement that has already been mailed or emailed.

e-statement Cancellation You may cancel your e-Statement service at any time by contacting us at (800)-650-8723 or by visiting any of our branches. Once your cancellation request has been processed, your paper statement(s) will resume on the account’s next statement cycle. 

Our Rights:  To provide e-Statements, we must maintain current customer email addresses. It is your sole responsibility to provide us with your correct contact information, including your email address. You should notify us of any changes to your personal contact information by updating your information by accessing the “Profile” page within the online banking service, call us at (800)-650-8723 or visit any of our branches.

Privacy Our privacy policy is available online and at any of our branches.


Joint Accounts

If any account number specified within this consent and authorization is a joint account, you acknowledge that you are an owner of the joint account, and your consent and authorization has been authorized by each of the joint accountholders. All accountholders on the account are legally bound by the terms and conditions of this consent and authorization.

Hardware and Software Requirements- If you can access the online banking service, you should be able to access your e-Statements. However, prior to enrolling in e-Statements, you should verify that you have the latest versions of your operating systems and browsers as they are typically more secure, as well as the following required hardware and software.

  • A computer or mobile device with internet access 
  • Either a Windows operating system or Macintosh OS X.
  • Internet browser which supports the latest version of HTML,128-bit SSL encryption, and JavaScript.
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Latest version of Edge
  • Latest version of Safari 

Latest version of Adobe Acrobat to review your statement in PDF format. You can download this software at no charge from Adobe.com.

  • Access to a printer or storage medium such as a hard drive to download and/ or print disclosures, and/or statements.

We may revise hardware and software requirements, as needed which may impact your ability to access e-Statements.