24/7 Telephone Banking

Hand holding a pen while writing on a notebookBank of Clarke's 24-hour Telephone Customer Service

Call from your home or mobile phone to check your account balance, hear transaction history or transfer funds. Friendly voice prompts get you quickly to the information you need. The system accepts both voice and keypad commands so you can use it safely and securely wherever you are.

Getting Started:

You will need your account number and last four (4) digits of your tax identification number before you call.

Call: (540) 955-3710 (local) or (888) 378-1881 (toll-free)

  • The default Personal Identification Number (PIN) of an account is the last four (4) digits of the primary owner’s social security number or business’ employer identification number. 
  • The first time you access an account, you will be prompted to change the default PIN to a different four (4) digit PIN that you can remember. 
  • You will need to setup a PIN for each deposit or loan account. 
  • You can use the same PIN for all of your accounts.

Easy to Use:

It will guide you through the menus and let you press a number or say the option you want.

Say “Instructions” from any menu to hear a tutorial.

Frequently Used Options:

1. Account Information –
Press 1 or say “Account Information” from the Main Menu. Press or say the type of account you want to access: 

  1. Checking
    2. Savings
    3. CD  
    4. IRA  
    5. Loan

After entering your account number and PIN, you will get more menu options for hearing transactions or transferring funds. The “More Options” menu allows you to change the PIN on an account.

2. Funds Transfer –
Press 2 or say “Funds Transfer” from the Main Menu. Press or say the type of account you want to transfer funds from, then enter the account number and PIN. Press or say the type of account you want to transfer funds to, then enter the account number. If 24-hour Telephone Banking can verify that you are an owner on both accounts, you will be prompted to enter or say the amount you want to transfer. There are no fees for transferring funds.

General Menu Options:

  • Press 0 or say “Operator” to be transferred to Customer Support.
  • Press * or say “Cancel” to return to a previous menu.
  • Press # or say “Main Menu” to return to the main menu.