Fraud Alerts

Unemployment benefits scams

Scammers are fraudulently filing unemployment claims using stolen personal identity information. If you receive a 1099-G tax form  for unemployment benefits that you didn’t claim or receive, you may be a victim of identity theft. Someone may have used your personal information to receive unemployment benefits without your knowledge.

What to do: Follow these four steps to report unemployment benefits fraud and to protect yourself:

Fraudulent activity on Text Messages

Bank of Clarke has become aware of text messages describing fraudulent activity on ATM and debit cards that encourage the receivers of these messages to call a number. Once they do, they are asked to give out private, confidential information. These smishing texts are the result of randomly selected numbers in the area and not of any security issues with Bank of Clarke (smishing is a form of phishing that is perpetrated through mobile devices).

Please remember that Bank of Clarke never calls, emails or texts customers and ask for confidential information. If you are a customer of Bank of Clarke and have received texts like this and unknowingly shared confidential information, please contact Bank of Clarke immediately. Thank you.