Safe Deposit Boxes

Your valuables are important to you.  Make sure you keep them safe from fire, theft and a myriad of other potential disasters.

Bank of Clarke has safe deposit boxes available at all full-service branch locations. The box size you rent should be based on the amount of valuables you need to protect. 

Sizes at most locations are:

3 x 5 (important papers, titles, deeds, etc.)

3 x 10 (important papers, ledgers, books, etc. that need to remain flat)

5 x 5 (small items of value)

5 x 10 (larger items of value; a mix of important papers and valuables)

10 x 10 (OUR LARGEST BOX!) – important papers, larger valuables, etc.

Drop in during regular business hours to rent your box today!  Renewals occur each year on July 1st. The initial cost of your newly rented box will be prorated as to when you rent the box.  Availability of each size can change at different branch locations due to demand for certain sizes.