The Bank of Clarke Foundation

Bank of Clarke has supported our amazing community for many years, Helping colleges, non-profit organizations, small business, churches, charities, the arts, farming and many more.

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Footsteps for the Foundation Walk

Come join us for our first ever Foundation walk. All money raised will be given back to our 170+ area non-profits. Breakfast and snacks are provided, along with giveaways at the end of the walk!

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The Bank of Clarke Foundation was created in 2021 to continue the 140-year legacy of addressing the needs of charities and non-profits located in the Bank of Clarke’s coverage area.

Emphasis has always been placed on supporting communities the Bank serves with the philosophy that better communities make better banks. In fact, one of the Bank’s five core values is giving back to these communities. The formation of this Foundation will carry that philosophy into the future with the same focus on making better communities for all through the support of non-profits.

All money donated through our website goes directly to the BoC Foundation, which in turn provides grants upon approval to deserving charities. Please utilize the online application and complete it fully before submitting to us. And we encourage you to get to know the other foundations operating in your communities and find out more about their critical missions and consider your own personal support of those critically needed foundations as well.


Bank of Clarke Foundation 
PO Box 391
Berryville VA 22611
[email protected]


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