Positive Pay

Positive Pay for Check & ACH provides proactive, robust defense against fraud and payment discrepancies, ensuring that businesses can safely and securely conduct their financial operations without falling victim to unauthorized transactions or financial scams. 

Businesses are increasingly being targeted by sophisticated fraudsters attempting to commit check and ACH fraud. To combat this growing threat, businesses are searching for technology to help them identify: 

  • Altered, washed and fraudulent checks
  • Unauthorized ACH transactions
  • Cyberattacks targeting ACH transfers
  • Accidental errors in payment details which lead to payment discrepancies

Features & Benefits:

Minimize the risk of fraudulent activity. 

Detect fraudulent checks.

Monitor incoming ACH debits and credits. 

How Does It Work?

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      ACH Positive Pay:

     1. You decide how and who should be alerted when an ACH debit arrives. You define the conditions and parameters (for example, all debits, debits over a specific dollar amount or within a specified time frame, debits that come from check, internet and/or phone). 

     2. Populate the approved list by adding trusted companies. You can also create a block list. 

     3. Actionable alerts are sent to you, giving you the ability to approve or reject a transaction.

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      Check Pay:

     1. Upon receipt of an alert, access the list of checks available for approval. 

     2. You can decide whether they should be paid or not based on the parameters you set. 

     3. You can also key in the checks that should not be paid or upload an issue data file if you are a high-volume check writer.



For questions please reach out to Joseph Litterio, Kristina Reed or contact your local branch.

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Joseph Litterio

Senior Vice President, Head of Cash Management